Commit c6a5a210 authored by Charles Bouillaguet's avatar Charles Bouillaguet
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reinstance monika's stuff

parent 87f59c70
......@@ -9,6 +9,11 @@ LDLIBS += -lm
all: macaulay_gen lanczos reconstruct_monomials
lanczos.o: CFLAGS += -flax-vector-conversions
monica: parser.o monica.o
monica_vector: parser.o monica_vector.o
parser_demo: parser.o parser_demo.o
parser_demo_alt: parser.o parser_demo_alt.o
moebius_demo: parser.o moebius.o moebius_demo.o
macaulay_gen: parser.o tools.o tools_parser.o monomials.o macaulay_gen.o
macaulay_gen: LDLIBS += `pkg-config --libs m4ri`
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