Commit d6e80083 authored by hanzopgp's avatar hanzopgp
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fix bug

parent d4248ba8
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
X, y_values, y_opp_values, y_distrib = load_data()
X, y_values, y_opp_values, y_distrib = get_random_sample(X, y_values, y_opp_values, y_distrib)
X = X.astype("float32")
y = {"value_head": y_values.astype("float32"), "value_opp_head": y_opp_values.astype("float32"), "policy_head": y_distrib.flatten().astype("float32")}
y = {"value_head": y_values.astype("float32"), "value_opp_head": y_opp_values.astype("float32"), "policy_head": y_distrib.reshape(y_distrib.shape[0], -1).astype("float32")}
champion_path = MODEL_PATH+GAME_NAME+"_"+"champion"+".h5"
outsider_path = MODEL_PATH+GAME_NAME+"_"+"outsider"+".h5"
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