Commit 4187f289 authored by Christian Eder's avatar Christian Eder
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Merge branch 'arm-linear-system-fix' into 'master'

fixes arm implementation for linear input systems

See merge request eder/msolve!76
parents 74a8c924 3271d752
......@@ -1543,7 +1543,7 @@ static inline void crt_lift_mpz_upoly(mpz_upoly_t pol, nmod_poly_t nmod_pol,
mpz_t modulus, int32_t prime,
mpz_t prod,
int nthrds){
len_t i;
long i;
#pragma omp parallel for num_threads(nthrds) \
private(i) schedule(static)
......@@ -2097,7 +2097,7 @@ static inline int new_rational_reconstruction(mpz_param_t mpz_param,
mpz_set(recdata->N, recdata->D);
for(int i = 0; i < nc; i++){
*maxrec = trace_det->det_idx;
*maxrec = MAX(0, trace_det->det_idx-1);
if(is_lifted[0]>0 && is_lifted[i+1]==0){
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