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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ This encompasses:
* the computation of the dimension and the degree of the solution set
and many other things you can do using msolve.
A tutorial is available at
A tutorial is available
Some of the functionalities of [msolve]( are already available
......@@ -131,6 +131,20 @@ which are the 4 isolating boxes of the 4 exact roots whose numerical approximati
`(-0.5176380902, -1.931851653)`, `(-1.931851653, -0.5176380902)`,
`(1.931851653, 0.5176380902)` and `(0.5176380902, 1.931851653)`.
# Multi-threading
Several components of `msolve` are parallelized through multi-threading.
./msolve -t 4 -f -o
tells `msolve` to use 4 threads. Multi-threading in `msolve` is used in
- linear algebra algorithms used for Groebner bases computations over
prime fields
- multi-modular computations for solving over the reals (all intermediate
and independent prime computations are run in parallel)
- algorithms for real root isolation.
# `msolve` in [Oscar](
`msolve` is used in [Oscar]( to *solve*
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