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......@@ -58,3 +58,19 @@ So the precision is 212/2 = 106µs
[1] T. Claveirole and M. Dias de Amorim, “Wipal: Efficient offline merging of ieee 802.11 traces,” SIGMOBILE Mob. Comput. Commun. Rev., vol. 13, no. 4, p. 39–46, Mar. 2010. [Online]. Available:
[2] J. Yeo, M. Youssef, and A. Agrawala, “A framework for wireless lan monitoring and its applications,” in Proceedings of the 3rd ACM Workshop on Wireless Security, ser. WiSe ’04. New York, NY, USA: Association for Computing Machinery, 2004, p. 70–79. [Online]. Available:
Please do cite the technical report of the tool:
TITLE = {{PyPal: Wi-Fi Trace Synchronization and Merging Python Tool}},
AUTHOR = {Syed, Mohammad Imran and Flandenmuller, Anne and Dias De Amorim, Marcelo},
URL = {},
TYPE = {Technical Report},
INSTITUTION = {{LIP6 UMR 7606, UPMC Sorbonne Universit{\'e}s, France}},
YEAR = {2022},
MONTH = Mar,
PDF = {},
HAL_ID = {hal-03618014},
**If you face any difficulties, please feel free to contact via email:**
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