Commit d2e1ab37 authored by Jean-Paul Chaput's avatar Jean-Paul Chaput
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Add rgetInstanceMatching to utilities, as reminder and for later use.

parent 1afc48fb
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ from Hurricane import Breakpoint
from Hurricane import Box
from Hurricane import Vertical
from Hurricane import RoutingPad
from helpers import trace
def breakpoint ( editor, level, message ):
......@@ -96,3 +97,45 @@ def hpathToName ( path ):
if len(s): s += '_'
s += head.getName()
return s
def getInstanceMatching ( cell, pattern, level=0 ):
getInstanceMatching(): returns first instance with the word being searched.
for instance in cell.getInstances():
name = instance.getName()
if pattern in name:
trace( 550, '\t{} {} match pattern "{}"\n'.format(' '*level,instance,pattern) )
return instance
return None
def rgetInstanceMatching ( cell, path, level=0 ):
Get the instance designated by path (recursively). The path argument can be
either a string of instance names separated by dots or directly a list of
instances names.
It also "reconstructs" the actual full path name of the instances
found recursively.
if isinstance(path,str):
path = path.split( '.' )
elif not isinstance(path, list):
raise ErrorMessage( 1, 'rgetInstanceMatching(): "path" argument is ' \
'neither a string or a list ({})."' \
.format(path) )
# Find instance at this level.
instance = getInstanceMatching( cell, path[0], level )
if instance is None:
raise ErrorMessage( 1, 'rgetInstanceMatching(): No instance "{}" in cell "{}".' \
.format(path[0], cell.getName()) )
iname = instance.getName()
# Last instance (leaf search), return it.
if len(path) == 1:
return instance, iname
# Chew down another level, another brick in the wall
rinstance, rname = rgetInstanceLike( instance.getMasterCell(), path[1:], level+1 )
# Accumulate the names recursively found "level0.level1.level2..."
return rinstance, '{}.{}'.format( iname, rname )
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