Commit fed58638 authored by Jean-Paul Chaput's avatar Jean-Paul Chaput
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Do not connect HTree to I/O pad if the net is internal.

* Bug: In Cumulus/plugins.chip.powerplane.Builder._connectHTree(), is was
    previously assumed that a net manged by a H-Tree was always coming from
    the outside (i.e. a clock or a reset signal).
      It is no longer the case, for example with the PLL internally generated
      So prune internal signals in this method.
parent ef004a95
......@@ -478,6 +478,7 @@ class Builder ( object ):
message += [ '\n - {} {}'.format(plug,plug.getInstance()) ]
raise ErrorMessage( 1, message )
if not coronaNet.isExternal(): return
coronaPin = None
for pin in coronaNet.getPins():
coronaPin = pin
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