Commit ffd6f571 authored by Jean-Paul Chaput's avatar Jean-Paul Chaput
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No longer connect the root of HTrees with straigh lines, use the router.

* Change: In cumulus/plugins.chip.chip.doConnectCore(), do not use the
    feature of the HTree to connect the root buffer straight to the
    corona pin. It prevents the router to insert a diode when those
    wires are too long. So let the standard router manage them.
      Should add diode insertions in HTree.connectHTrees() later.
parent 1733b514
......@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ class Chip ( Block ):
if self.conf.routingGauge.hasPowerSupply():
power = plugins.alpha.chip.powerplane.Builder( self.conf )
power.connectHTrees( self.hTrees )
#power.connectHTrees( self.hTrees )
Breakpoint.stop( 101, 'After Query power.' )
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