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      Complete hoverhaul of the documentation to Sphinx. · 95d1b536
      Jean-Paul Chaput authored
      * New: In documentation, reorganise all the various documents into one
          Sphinx coherent one. The index also provide a link toward the
          Doxygen generated doc (C++ APIs) and the venerable LaTeX2HTML ones
          (for Stratus).
            This will make easier all future extensions to the doc corpus.
            The generated documentation is commited into Git so a new user
          can use it directly after cloning the repository.
            The HTML doc is truly generated by Sphinx, but the pdf one is
          created rst2latex. The Sphinx pdf writer is buggy when a "tabular"
          contain a multicol and a multirow in the same area of the table.
          rst2latex handles it correctly.
            We use a theme borrowed for Read The Doc (half of it).
            It seems that some Javascripts are not working correctly,
          namely the folding of the navigation sub-menus and the index
          generation and search mode.
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      Update JsonReader for the latest RapidJSON. Doc rebuild. · b5d3a2ec
      Jean-Paul Chaput authored
      * Change: In Hurricane, in JsonReader::HurricaneHandler, add RawNumber().
          Don't know what kind of data it parses, so for now if it's called,
          just issue a warning.
      * Bug: In documentation, in UsersGuide, add dependencies on doc_HTML and
          doc_LaTeX so they are rebuild if the source files changes.
            Some modifications to work with our new installation of TeXLive 2014.
  6. 20 Jan, 2016 1 commit
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      Implementation of DataBase native save/restore in JSON (step 2). · 5baddeb5
      Jean-Paul Chaput authored
      * New: In boostrap, in ccb.py, added support for the "support" project
          which contains external dependencies. Currently contains only
          RapidJSON. Those dependencies must be cloned here manually.
      * New: In Hurricane, Initializer class for an ordered static initialization
          across different compilation modules.
      * Change: In Hurricane, at DataBase level, no longer save the Cells in
          the libraries, but create and ordered list of Cell. Deepest cells
          (leaf cells) first. To avoid dependency problems.
      * New: In Hurricane, JSON support for Property.
      * New; In CRL, added JSON support for AllianceFramework, Environement &
          Catalog and their associated properties. Adjustment of the
          AllianceLibrary creation policy.
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