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Python packaging for Coriolis

Serge Rabyking requested to merge serge/changes into devel

Small updates for fully migrate from python2 to python3: Updated all required lines which contains 'print' Updated all required lines which contains 'except' Added: when user config folder cannot be determined the platformdirs.user_config_dir() used that should work correctly for all platfroms in accordance of requirements for python packages. In all cmake files updated: find python3 package to have "Development.Module" to make it build under manylinux. Added root CMakeLists.txt file that perform Coriolis build and structure it for python packaging: For each Coriolis component separate CMakeLists.txt file generated in the build area, this cmake file sub-include component to build and install files into "install" subfolder. At final stage the cgt python script copied into coriolis "install" folder and renamed to, this makes it work globally when package installed though the command "python -m coriolis" with all the same command line extra parameters available. myproject.toml file: updated to make python package build with use of scikit-build-core plugin, also updated with package information

CI build should works(need setup gitlab-runner) through .gitlab-ci.yml that performs "python -m build" command, and produce Coriolis python package wheel.

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